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Europe Catrene Cluster - EUREKA Specific Eureka projects on Micro/Nanoelectronics, with the special label of the Catrene Cluster.   View details
Estonia Central Baltic INTERREG IV A Programme 2007-2013 - European Commission, 7th Framework Programme The Programme has Safe and healthy environment priority among others. Total funding is 102 million euros of ERDF until the   View details
Europe CIP Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme - European Commission, 7th Framework Programme With SME as its main target, CIP supports innovation activities (including eco-innovation), provides better access to finance and delivers business   View details
Canada CMC Microsystems organization This organization delivers a consistent set of industry-calibre tools, technologies and support as part of its national program that make   View details
Czech Republic COST CZ Program Founding provider Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport   View details
Estonia EEA Grants, Norway Grants No specific food- and microsystems-related funding opportunities, but some projects might fit in the following programme areas: a) Green Industry   View details
Estonia Enterprise Estonia Support of technology investments for enterprises (open)   View details
Estonia Enterprise Estonia Support of science activities for SMEs (open until 06,12,2011)   View details
Estonia Enterprise Estonia Support for product development (open)   View details
Estonia Enterprise Estonia Innovation vouchers (open)   View details
Estonia Estonian Rural Development Plan (ERDP) 2007 - 2013 This plan is trageted at improving the competitiveness of the agricultural and forestry sector, the environment and the countryside and   View details
Estonia Estonian-Latvian Programme of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) The Programme is financed by the ERDF and co-financed by national partners. The total ERDF budget available for commitments to   View details
Europe Eureka Projects - EUREKA Normal industrial research small projects labelled by the Eureka organization and funded at national level   View details
Europe Euripides Cluster - EUREKA Specific Eureka projects on Microsystems and Packaging of electronics systems, with the special label of the Euripides Cluster.   View details
Europe European Research Council Grants for fundamental non collaborative research in all fields of knowledge, from FP7   View details
Europe Eurostars - EUREKA Eureka Program specially focused to Research carried out by and for SME’s   View details
Austria FFG (national Austrian funding organization) Programme on Embedded Systems & Semiconductors   View details
Finland Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES) Funding for industrial projects. No priorisation on their calls for MNT for food or MNT in general.   View details
Greece General Secretariat of Research and Technology (GSRT) of the Ministry of Devlopment It is the main body that deals with funding of research in Greece, that may potentially support the MNT for   View details
Greece Greek Research and Technology Network It helps in the research and development of the communication and information technologies throughout Greece.   View details

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