Demand for microsystems in the food sector



Public action is needed to support the demand for microsystems in the food sector: the food industry and developers of microsystems come from two remote areas and there is a need to stimulate collaboration and the exchange of information between the microsystem solution providers and the food sector. Without adequate support programmes, it is unlikely that the demand from the food industry will be translated into requirements understood and adopted by the microsystems developers.

There is also a need for an ambitious support to innovation. The adoption of microsystem devices by the food industry depends to a great extent on prices: as the cost also depends on the quantity produced, there is a “chicken and egg situation” (price depends on quantity and quantity depends on price). The implementation of adequate programmes to boost the commercialization of successful applications will help to tackle this difficulty and will demonstrate the interest of microsystems in the food sector through real business cases.

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D3.5 Synthesis report on the needs and constraints for implementing Microsystems in the food industry (main author: ACTIA)

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