Demand for microsystems in the food sector


Constraints for implementing microsystems in the food industry

1) The main technological constraints are related to:
(i) The robustness of the devices
(ii) The reliability of the measurements
(iii) The compatibility with food processes
(iv) The time to process information and provide results
(v) Cost per measurement
(vi) The sampling strategy (how many measures, when, where etc.).
(vii) Sample (pre)treatment
(viii) Cleanability

2) There are important organizational constraints for developers of microsystems solutions interested to enter the food industry market. A very good knowledge of the sector and of its practices is needed from the conception phases so that the solutions proposed are properly embedded in the management practices of the food producers. It is therefore preferable to develop applications of microsystems in food in partnerships in which also the end-users (the food industry) are represented.


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D3.1.2 Final report of industrial needs, demands and constraints (main author: ACTIA)
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