Innovative processes and analysis methods for the meat industry in Paris on 25 April 2013


On Thursday 25 April 2013, FoodMicroSystems organises its second roadmapping workshop “Innovative Processes and Analysis Methods for the Meat Industry –How can Micro technologies and Smart Sensors help the Meat Industry to improve food quality, reduce cost, and strengthen consumer confidence?”.

Building on the findings from a first workshop organised in Tallinn in February 2013, the workshop will bring together specialists from the microsystems community with equipment providers and key players from the meat industry.

The objective is to assess opportunities, challenges and drivers as well as barriers for the use of micro technologies and smart systems in the meat sector.

The workshop will set the grounds to an application driven technology roadmap that can:
• draw the foundations for future collaboration between the meat industry and the microsystems community,
• support strategy decisions,
• and supply investors and funding bodies with guidelines to support their investment decisions.

The meeting is from 10h00 to 16h30 at  ACTIA, 16 rue Claude Bernard 75005 Paris – The flyer with all details is available here.

The participation  is free of charge but you need to register.

Contact: Christophe Cotillon (ACTIA), Matthieu Alric (ADIV), Elisabeth Delevoye (CEA-Leti) or Patric Salomon(4M2C).


Photo credit: Daniel Mettoudi –
tranche de parme