Special issue of the Journal of Sensors: Microsystems for Process Control in Food Applications

The EU Project FoodMicrosystems is coordinating a special issue of the Journal of Sensors dedicated to “Microsystems for Process Control in Food Applications”. Journal of Sensors is an open source journal from Hindawi Pub. Corp. dealing with sensor technology.

Check here the details and the topics covered by this call for papers.

Innovative approaches assisted by micro- and nanofeatures provided by MEMS technologies enabling continuous monitoring in on-line/in-line process control or logistics are particularly sought. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • MEMS structures for filtration, emulsification, etc.
  • Optical microsensors
  • Microspectrometers (visible, infrared, etc.)
  • Gas microsensors
  • Electronic noses
  • Electronic tongues
  • Acoustic microsensors
  • RFID labels with embedded sensors
  • Wireless sensor networks

Original work and review articles that help meeting the challenge of a higher degree of automation, improved process control and logistics for food applications with the aid of innovative smart microsystems are encouraged. Papers can be submitted until 4 February 2013 following the indications of the link above.

Please note that food safety & quality issues and systems not directed to continuous monitoring are not specifically covered by this call of papers, but will be the object of a future one.