FoodMicroSystems reports

Several FoodMicroSystems reports have been published in July 2013. They look at the offer for solutions from the microsystems community and at the demand from the food sector.

The reports on the demand have been published in seven pages with a summary of the main findings and with links to the individual reports. All the reports can also be downloaded from the links below:

The demand: reports on the demands from the food sector for Micro-Systems

Synthesis report

Industry needs demand and constraintsReports on MicroSystems Technologies for the food sector

EU Regulatory situation

Consumers acceptance: focus groups

Consumers perception: literature review

Ethical issues regarding microsystems in food

The offer: reports on MicroSystems Technologies for the food sector

Current frame of play of microsystems for food applications

Existing applicatons of microsystems in the food sector.

Microsystems technological opportunities for the food sector