Final FoodMicroSystems reports and recommendations

Following the review meeting organised by DG CONNECT in January 20124, the final FoodMicroSystems reports have been updated. They contain useful information and guidance for companies, research organisations and decision makers.

The FoodMicroSystems roadmaps can be used a source of inspiration for the European Commission and National funding authorities in terms of future programmes. The project recommends to increase research investments with the long-term ambition to allow the implementation of MST in packaging application and the short-term objectives to stimulate the adoption of MST solutions for process control at factory level. Activities for further coordination between the food and microsystems areas are also recommended.

The partners of the project also encourage companies and research organisations to use the roadmaps for planning their future activities. They could for example be used as a tool for preparing Horizon 2020 research proposals to demonstrate that the R&D activities will adequately answer the needs expressed by the food industry.

Executive summary
Final project report
D4.5: final report implementation of microsystems in Food and Beverage sectors
D3.5: synthesis report on the demand from the food sector