Micro-technologies for the wine industry in Barcelona on 11 March 2013


On 11 March 2013, FoodMicroSystems organizes the road-mapping workshop “Micro-technologies for the wine industry –How can Micro technologies and Smart Sensors help the wine sector to improve quality and safety, and reduce processing costs.”.

This workshop will bring together key players from the wine industry, equipment providers and specialists from the micro-systems community with the objective of defining a road-map for these applications.
If you represent a company of the wine sector, by participating in the workshop you can direct the road-map to goals that are of interest to your company and you will be able to initiate a collaboration and partnership that can really benefit your competitiveness.
If you are a researcher you will be able to show the maturity degree of your current developments and steer your future research in alignment with users’ demands. In addition your inputs to the road-map will be part of the conclusions sent to the European Commission for setting-up new R&D actions in the field of MNT for food in the Horizon-2020 Framework Programme (2014-2020).

Carles Cané: carles.cane@imb-cnm.csic.es

The flyer with a detailed agenda is available here.